How do you say “These are the rooms” in Spanish?
A. Estas son las cuartos.
B. Este es el cuarto.
C. Estos son los cuartos.**
Which city in southern Mexico do tourists often visit on vacation?
A. Mexico City
B. Acapulco
C. Monterrey
Which statement about hacienda homes is not true?
A. They are always found in the center of major cities.
B. They are the largest type of home in Mexico.
C. Most have tile floors and outdoor patios or courtyards.
In Mexico, why do people rent an apartment instead of buying their own home?
A. There are not enough homes in Mexico for people to buy.
B. Depending on the area, buying a home can be very expensive in Mexico.
C. Houses are always very far from schools and jobs.

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  1. please, someone, this is due by 7:30 and I can't find the answers in the lesson

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  2. I know

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    posted by Armani

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