Social Studies

1. What caused the settlement of African Americans in the Mississippi Alluvial Plain region than in the Ozark Mountains region.
Slavery and Plantation .
Mining and logging .
The use of modern technology.
Low priced land and modern technology.

2. Why did people from the Appalachian Mountains settle in the Ozark Mountains.
The soil in the region is rich and excellent for farming.
The terrain of both regions is hilly and rugged.
The land is surrounded by lakes.
Heavy rains often flood both regions.

3. Which region of Arkansas is most influenced by African American culture and heritage.
Ozark Mountains
Gulf Coastal Plain
Mississippi Alluvial Plain
Ouachita Mountains

Can someone please help me, I cant figure this out and I've been on this assignment for like 3 hours now.

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  1. What does your assigned reading say about these questions?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Can some give answer

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  3. Number 1 is slavery and plantations, Number 2 is The terrain of both regions is hilly and rugged. , Number 3 is Mississippi Alluvial Plain

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  4. BigBoyMac Is 100% Correct
    Connexus Student here! :)

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  5. among us spirit say he is correct

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  6. i know some people years later will comment while im in college

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  7. The answers are,
    1. A, slavery and plantations
    2. B, The terrain of both regions are hilly and rugged
    3. C, Mississippi Alluvial Plain

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  8. Why is 100% correct!

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