World History

What legacy was established after the Holocaust for nations to deal with genocide?

1.The Nuremberg Trials provided a plan for countries to conduct international courts in a postwar world.
2. The Potsdam Conference established war reparations as a method for repaying the victims of crimes against humanity.
3. The International Monetary Fund gave loans to nations that took initiatives to promote human rights.
4. The League of Nations established a peacekeeping force to discourage systematic ethnic cleansing.

I am having a hard time figuring out if it is 1 or 2. But based on my readings I think it is 2. Is that correct?

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  1. That's not the way I read it.

    I think 1 is a better answer.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. The Nuremberg Trials provided a plan for countries to conduct international courts in a postwar world. 100% correct

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