2. Which question is an example of a statistical question?
A . Ask all your friends, " What is your favorite color"?
B. Ask your teacher, What college did you attend?
C. Ask one of your neighbors, How many times did you eat pizza this month?***
D. Ask several store clerks, How much does the shirt cost?
Which type of question leads to a particular answer
A honest ****
B fair
C Friendly
D Biased
4. Which of the following is an unbiased way to ask a question about possible vacation destinations?
A Would you like to go to rainy London?
B Would you like to go Windy Chicago?
C Would you like to go to sunny Miami?
D Would you like to go to Los Angeles? ***

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  1. The first answer is right. The other two are wrong.

  2. Then what is the answer??????

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  3. Answers for the statistical Questions practice in connexus

    1. A variety of answers
    2. Ask all of your friends, "what is your favorite color?"
    3. Biased
    4. Would you like to go to Los Angeles?
    5. Boring

    Its 100% correct i just completed it and got all the questions right with these answers

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