Carmen wants to add to her menu by selling BLT sandwiches. How much should she charge for the BLT if she would like to make 35%-40% profit on each BLT? Show how you know your pricing is correct.
Costs for ingredients for 4 BLTs:
Bread $6.20
Bacon $4.25
Lettuce $1.25
Tomato $3.50
Chips $3.50

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asked by Caden
  1. the $18.75 cost for 4 BLT's come out to $4.675 per sandwich
    So, she needs to charge between
    1.35 * 4.675 and 1.40 * 4.675

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    posted by oobleck
  2. I am being told the answer is: between $7.40-$8.08. Just not sure how they came up with that.
    Also the lettuce price should be $1.80.

    Thank you again for the help.

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    posted by Caden
  3. so add 55 cents to the total for a sum of 19.30, or 4.925 per BLT
    The sale price p must then satisfy
    1.35 * 4.925 <= p <= 1.40 * 4.925

    I also don't know how they got their answer.
    7.40/1.35 = 5.48
    8.08/1.40 = 5.77
    Those should be the same value.

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    posted by oobleck

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