Social Studies

Which of the following were among the most valuable trade goods produced in the Arab world?

A.cotton textiles**




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  1. If that is what you learned from your assigned reading, it must be right.

    You can also check this site.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Thank You! The correct answer was A; Cotton Textiles

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  3. thought this may be helpful
    answers are
    1. c
    2. a

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  4. Person above me is correct ^

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  5. A. cotton textiles
    C. They made it easier to perform calculations.
    C. The Romans and Byzantines once ruled some Muslim lands.
    This correct.
    brixcuit gave 33%
    I will give you 100%

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  6. unicorn is also correct thanks i got a 100
    but if u go for the other one u'll also get a 100

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