1.All of the following are effects of the Reformation EXCEPT
A.Calvinism developed
B. Different Protestant sect groups started
C. Martin Luther is excommunicated from the church
D. The Spanish Inquisition begins interrogating non-Catholic*******

2. As Protestantism began to spread, how did the Catholic Church respond?
A.The Pope was no longer the head of the church.
B. They stopped the Inquisition.
C. They began the counter-reformation. *****
D. Many Catholic leaders joined Protestantism.

3.All of the following were factors that led to the Renaissance EXCEPT...
A.Feudalism and manorialism weakened.
B. Upper-level Italians moved to the cities.
C. Kings gained power and peasants stayed poor.*****
D. Trade with other regions increased

4 With censorship increasing, people began to..
A. question the teaching of the Catholic Church
B. write more books on more topics
C . agree more and more with what the Catholic Church was teaching
D. all of the above*******

5. Describe why Florence became an important city in the early Renaissance.
Florence was the heart of the Renaissance. It started in Florence and expanded from their.

6.Which artist was one of the "most versatile artists of the Renaissance?" He was famous for painting, sculpting, and engineering.
A Jan van Eyck
B Leonardo da Vinci
C Medici
D Michelangelo *****

7. True or False = Martin Luther did not want to change the Catholic church; he just wanted to become a more powerful leader.
True**** or False

8. Artists of the Renaissance began to use more realism in their art. This meant that... A. their art was more life-like and accurate B. artists showed lots of emotion in their work C. artists were more fascinated with nature D. all of the above****
Are my answers correct?

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  1. is Their anybody to check these before i finish this study guide?

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  2. 6. Are you sure it's not Leonardo?
    I agree with the rest of your answers.

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  3. hmm i am checking again
    okay now i see your point im going to change it ! either way thank you

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  4. I think its Leonardo

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