1.A flywheel is rotating at 7 rad/sec. It has a 15-cm diameter. What is the speed of a point on its rim, in cm/min?

2.A wheel is rotating at 3 radians/sec. The wheel has a 30 cm radius. What is the speed of a point on its rim, in m/min?

3.What is the angular speed in radians/second associated with a rotating an angle 3pi/4 radians in 2 seconds?

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  1. 1. R = 7.5 cm
    omega = 7 rad/s
    v = omega R = 7*7.5 cm/s
    = 52.5 cm/s
    53.5 cm/s * 60 s/min = 3150 cm/min

    2. D = .30 meters
    R = .15 meter
    omega = 3 rad/s * 60 s/min = 180 rad / min
    v = omega * R = .15 meter *180 rad/min = .15 * 180 meters/minute

    3. oh come on
    3 pi/8 radians/second

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