I need help!!!!
7th grade
Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided.

It takes Pam 45 minutes to drive to work and 60 minutes to drive home from work. Write the ratio of the time Pam spends driving home from work to the time she spends driving to work in three different ways.

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asked by Luna213
  1. Actually help me with this.
    Ben needs to buy orange juice. He can buy 64 fl oz at the grocery store for $2.00, or he can buy 256 fl oz at the wholesale club for $7.50.

    Find the unit price for the grocery store orange juice. Round your answer to the nearest thousandth.
    Find the unit price for the wholesale club orange juice. Round your answer to the nearest thousandth.
    Where should Ben buy the orange juice if he wants the best deal? Explain.

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    posted by Luna213
  2. Unit price = total price/total volume
    so for the first one:
    unit price = $2.00/64 oz = $0.03125 / oz

    do the same for the second purchase and compare

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    posted by Reiny
  3. So, the wholesale club has the better deal. in order to find out why you have to divide 256 by 7.50. which is 0.029 and if you do the same thing on the other side it 0.031. It is smaller than 0.031. So, that is the answer.

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    posted by Lyrathelion
  4. Thank you Reiny

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    posted by Luna213

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    posted by kid

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