social studies

can someone please check my answers?
Which of the following reforms did both Frederick II of Prussia and Maria Theresa of Austria make to their countries?

outlawed serfdom****

funded public schools

allowed religious freedom

protected freedom of speech

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  2. thank you. but this did not really help. I'm still not sure if my choice was correct, and I don't want to get a bad grade. but again thank you for trying

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  3. You spent less than five minutes looking through those sites -- and can declare that they didn't help!

    Of course they didn't help because you didn't look very hard.

  4. Ms sue, I took a little more time searching and I think I know the answer, but I'm not sure about it.

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  5. What does your text say?

  6. Wowza sue sue sue sue. Why u so rude to Abby she seems nice. Like calm down sis. You didn’t even tell her if she was right

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  7. You know what gurl I think B is correct?

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  8. Mrs. sue don't know nun periodttt don't care if I get banned from this app

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  9. Ms sue really do suck

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