Determine the angle to the nearest degree at which a desk can be tilted before a paperback book on the desk begins to slide. Use the equation mg sin A = umg cos A and assume u = 1.11. (Enter only the number.)

I got 115 degrees.

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  1. huh? 115° ?
    So, it was tilted up past the vertical, and then over onto its back?
    When you get an answer, check to see whether it makes sense.

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  2. I still don't understand the lesson, but 48 degrees?

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  3. It was 48

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  4. yep. tan A = 1.1

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  5. Mg*sinA = Force parallel with plane.
    Mg*CosA = Normal force or Force perpendicular to plane.
    u*Mg*CosA = Force of static friction.

    Mg*sinA - u*Mg*CosA = M*a. a = 0.
    Divide both sides by Mg:
    sinA - u*CosA = 0,
    u*CosA = sinA,
    sinA/CosA = u,
    TanA = u = 1.11,
    A = 48o.

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