social studies

How did the defeat of the Aztec and Incan empires enrich the Spanish monarchy?

Spain began to levy heavy taxes on its American colonists.

Spain sold its lands in the Americas to other European countries.

The monarchy received a portion of all treasures taken by the conquistadors.

Spain took control of the slave trade between Africa and the Americas.

How did the introduction of horses affect Native American culture?

Farming improved because Native Americans had horses to help plow the fields.

Native Americans in some culture areas began to use horses for hunting and in warfare.

The use of horses as transportation increased trade between different culture groups.

Some Native American groups became wealthy selling horses to European colonists.

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  1. Please don't stress.
    1. Take a deep breath.
    2. Sit down and get comfortable.
    3. Read your assigned text.
    4. Then post your answers here and someone will check them.

    No bother! No stress!

  2. ok when I get my answers ill post them here. thank you

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  3. Wow, Ms. Sue. Does that work all assessments?

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  4. I now have my answers

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  5. 1.)D - no
    2.)B - yes

  6. Ok thank you so much ms. sue. :)

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  7. You're welcome.

  8. What’s the freaking answer to one

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  9. What was the significance of the expedition led by Bartolomeu Dias?

    It paved the way for the first European voyage to the Americas.

    It established a direct trade network between Portugal and India.

    It proved that it was possible to sail from Europe to the Indian Ocean.

    It led to Spanish colonization of the Americas and the Philippines.

    if anyone has the answers for the whole test pls help

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  10. one is d

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  11. If you need help, Look in a Textbook or a trusted Website.

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