The state legislatures of Kentucky and Virginia, in response to the Alien and Sedition Acts, passed resolutions that declared that state governments could, if they wanted, declare acts of the federal government___________.




null and void

The______________involved the demand of a sizable bribe to be paid to representatives of the French Republic in order to stop the French seizure of American ships on the high seas.

Quasi War

Alien & Sedition Acts

French Revolution

XYZ Affair

The Quasi-War, the conflict on the high seas between French and American vessels, so enflamed hostilities between Americans that Congress passed the ____________, which, among other things, made it illegal to criticize the government in print or speech.

Bill of Rights

Intolerable Acts

Alien and Sedition Acts

Townshend Acts

______________the second president of the United States, was often accused of preferring the ways and culture of Great Britain over those of the French Republic.

James Madison

Thomas Jefferson

John Adams

Alexander Hamilton

The head of the Democratic-Republican Party, _____________, and other leading Americans were inspired by the French Revolution’s focus on the ideals of equality and the primacy of the common man.

John Adams

George Washington

Alexander Hamilton

Thomas Jefferson

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  1. We'll be glad to check YOUR answers.

  2. 1. B
    5. D

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  3. 1. B - no
    2.A - yes
    3.B - no
    4.C - yes
    5. D - yes

  4. OK that helped so I can do the rest on my own THANK YOU SO MUCCHHHHH

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  5. You are very welcome.

  6. Ms. Sue I was wrong. I don't understand number 1. I think I got #3 tho

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