One elegant hotel has a grand dining room. Each of the room’s three walls facing the gardens contains 8 insulated windows. The dimensions of the window are shown. When the windows were insulated, a glaze was appplied to the exterior face to seal each window from weather elements. Which of the following equations could the contractor have used to determine the amount of glaze, g, required?

A. g=(3*8)(36*60+1/2 pie*18^2)
B. g=(3*8)(36*60+pie*18^2)
C. g=(3*8)(36*60+1/2 pie*18)
D. g=(3)(8*36*60+1/2 pie*18^2)

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  1. I don't know.
    I don't know the dimensions of the windows.
    I don't know what pie (or pi) has to do with these windows. I assume the windows are rectangular.

  2. there are anyway i can send you the picture?

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  3. No.

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