Pre Algebra

Help me with these! If I dont finish this test, my mom is gonna make me quit gymnastics forever, and I have a meet coming up! Please from the kindness of your heart, Explain how to work this out. But dont call me a cheater because im not here to have it given to me. Just some directions, because these R SO HARD! thank you sooo much!
17. Sarah buys a video game for $44.00 plus 4% sales tax. Her brother, Jack, buys a video game for $36.00 plus 6% tax. Show your work. (3 points)

a.) What is the total cost of Sarah’s video game? Show all work.
b.) What is the total cost of Jack’s video game? Show all work.
c.) Who spent more on tax?

18. The cost of admission to the State Fair changed from $8.50 last year to $10.00 this year. Round to the nearest tenth. Show your work. (3 points)

a.) What is the percent of change from last year to this year?
b.) Is this a percent of increase or decrease?
c.) If you have a 25% off coupon to use on the $10.00 ticket, what is the cost of your ticket?

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  1. oh and plz show work of how this is solved

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  2. decimal fraction = percent/100
    so $x + y percent tax = x (1+ y/100)

    Sarah 44 * 1.04
    Jack 36*1.06

    Sarah tax = 0.04*44
    Jack tax = 0.06 *36

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  3. thx damon so much!

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  4. old 8.50
    new 10.00
    percent change = 100 * (new percent - old percent) / old percent

    = 100 (1.50)/8.50
    positive is increase

    100% - 25% = 75 % which is 0.75 as a fraction
    0.750 * 10 = ???

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