Integrated Science

Examine the false statement.

Weak acids always have a high pH.

Select the rewording that makes the statement true.

A).Strong acids always have a low pH.
B).Strong acids always have a high pH.
C).Weak acids always partially dissociate.
D).Weak acids always fully dissociate

I believe the answer is B). Is this correct?

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  1. No.
    Go back to your text. What does it say?

  2. I read in my text that A high PH means that it is basic. So does this mean it the correct answer is A).?

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  3. Yes, the correct answer is A.

  4. thank you Ms. Sue, i appreciate it.

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  5. You're welcome, Kiley.

  6. I took a test using the same reasoning, and got it wrong. I'm not sure what part of this is wrong but it is

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  7. A is not the correct answer

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  8. Weak acids always partially dissociate.

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