I have the following question on a warm-up :

What is the equation of the line that passes through the point {-2, 2} and has a slope of 5?

Can someone help me to figure out the answer.

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  1. review the point-slope form. You will easily see that the equation is

    y-2 = 5(x+2)

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  2. wouldn't it be y + 2 = 5(x+2) ?

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  3. nvm, I understand now

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  4. (-2, 2), (x, y)
    m = (y-2)/(x+2) = 5,
    y-2 = 5x + 10,
    Y = 5x + 12.

    Y = mx + b.
    2 = 5*(-2) + b.
    b = 12.
    Y = 5x + 12.

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