How were Incan commoners grouped within their social class?

by gender and age

by family rank

by wealth and status

by religious worship

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  1. I think Its B....

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  2. 16 views and no comments....ouch

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  3. I doubt many people have studied South American history that close. If we'd have to Google it, you can, too -- or reread your text with this particular question in mind.

    Let us know what you learn.

  4. so are you saying i should google it? Dont you think I've tried already though?

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  5. I should hope so, but I'm not a mind-reader, so I don't know who has googled their questions and who hasn't!

    I googled inca social classes and this is one of the articles that showed up. Scroll down a bit and take a look at the graphic here.

  6. so...

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  7. wheres the 1 guy who list all 22 awnsors

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  8. There is always that one kid who puts all the answers TBH

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  9. hes right here!
    1. idk
    yea idk either...

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  10. E

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  11. its a morons

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  12. 1.B

    13.king and priest could communicate with the Gods
    14.complex calender's
    those are the answers i know because i completed the test and looked back.

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  13. btw make sure you defeat all of you history that you don't want the teachers to see because they look at it at the end of the year that is how i got cought me once and had to do 5th grad again.tips

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  14. delete

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  15. Thx bum

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