a retailer planned to buy some computers from a total of sh 1,800,000. before the retailer could buy the computers the price per unit was reduced by sh 4000. this reduction in price enabled the retailer to buy 5 more computers using the same amount of money as originally planned.
(a) Determine The number of computers the retailer bought.
(b) Two of the computers purchased got damaged while in store, the rest were sold and the retailer made a 15 percent profit. calculate the profit made by thf retailer on each computer sold.

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  1. If the original price was p and he could get c computers, then
    p*c = 180000
    At the reduced price,
    (p-400)(c+5) = 180000
    (180000/c - 400)(c+5) = 180000
    c = 45

    Now you should be able to answer the questions.

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