Tom have 100 geese and cows on his far. All in total there are 340 legs. How many geese and how many cows are there.

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  1. g + c = 100
    2g + 4c = 340
    or g + 2c = 170
    subtract them ....
    c = 70
    thus g = 30

    check my answer. I obviously have 100 animals, but do
    I have 340 legs?

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  2. There are X geese and Y cows.
    Eq1: x + y = 100.
    Eq2: 2x + 4y = 340 Legs.
    Multiply Eq1 by -2 and add the Eqs:
    -2x - 2y = -200
    2x + 4y = 340
    Sum: 2y = 140
    Y = 70 Cows.
    In Eq1, replace Y with 70 and solve for X.

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