Which statement describes data that is negatively skewed?

The majority of the data is to the left of the mean.

The majority of the data is to the right of the mean.

The majority of the data is in the center with the mean.

The majority of the data is split to the right and left of the mean.

I need 4-5 sentences for each answer. I need it fast. Please help ms. Sue and writeteacher or I'll sue ms. Sue

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  1. Plz and thank y ou.

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  2. 1) What evidence is there that the human species has been successful so far? Explain.

    2) What environmental pressures in the past do you think were most important in shaping the human species as it exists today?

    3) What environmental pressures exist now that you think may be shaping the human species?

    4) What environmental pressures do you think may affect humans as Earth becomes more populated with humans in the future? Explain how these pressures may affect human traits.

    Sorry ms. Sue for the joke and this is the right question

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  3. skewed left is skewed negative

    Now you try to answer the environmental question. I am sure someone here will make suggestions for improvement. The issue is all over the news so Google will give you all you need.

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  4. What? I don't know what you mean? @Damon what are u trying g to say? I need any links or the answer

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  5. You are taking the course. You look it up. I or another tutor will surely be happy to review your work.

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  6. Nvm I finished I asked m y mom to check over it

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  7. what conclusion can you draw about jason from the dialouge in line 10 in a surprising point of view

    A. Jason procrastinate doing his schoolwork.
    B. Jason and Ms. Smith have. good relationship
    C. Jason is one of the best students.
    D.Jason is embarrassed to talk to Ms. Smith

    2) stage directions are one element of drama. In a Paragraph, define and provide an example of stage directions from ( A surprising Point of view). Then analyze the stage directions. Explain how these directions contribute to your understanding of (a surprising point of view). Support your answer with evidence.

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  8. wot

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