Social Studies

What Country became an ally to Cuba after Castro took power?
A. Soviet Union
B. Panama
C. Britain
D. Spain***
I'm not really good at SS so, can you guys help me with this?

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  1. Did you happen to Google this? The answer is obvious if you do.

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  2. The passage below is from Google:

    After the establishment of diplomatic ties with the Soviet Union after the Cuban Revolution of 1959, Cuba became increasingly dependent on Soviet markets and military aid, becoming an ally of the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

    Your answer is in the passage.

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  3. That was fast! Thanks!

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  4. No problem and good luck!

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  5. Ah well, I guess I really am getting obselete :(

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  6. Ah, don't think like that! I can only do so much before I tire and stop. All the tutors here are lightning fast! I was lucky enough to be able to answer any questions! ^^;

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