Career exploration

1. Information security professionals hack into computer systems. (1 point)
2. What kind of network might you have at home? (1 point)
3. Apps are designed by: (1 point)
software developers.
network administrators.
digital designers.
4. Digital designers need what kind of skills? (1 point)
network administration
artistic skills
communication skills
5. Computer user support is another name for: (1 point)
customer service.
technical support.
network support.
information security.
6. Tablets and smartphones are not considered computers. (1 point)
7. The oldest “computer” is thought to be how old? (1 point)
200 years
500 years
1,000 years
2,000 years
8. Computer user support helps people with minor computer problems. (1 point)
9. Which of the following fights hackers? (1 point)
information security
database administration
network systems architect
all of the above
10. Ada Lovelace designed the first computer. (1 point)
11. An intranet is: (1 point)
a private website.
a public website.
a website that sells goods or services.
a LAN.
12. SkillsUSA offers the opportunity to practice information technology skills. (1 point)
13. LAN stands for: (1 point)
latent area network.
local atrial network.
local application network.
local area network.
14. Which is the best definition of a wireless network? (1 point)
A wireless network is a private website.
A wireless network connects computers and devices without cords or cables.
A wireless network connects computers using Ethernet cables.
A wireless network connects computers to smartphones.
15. What is computer code? (1 point)
any programming language

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  1. huuuuuh

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  2. i need the answers

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  3. 1. True
    2. False
    3. A private website
    4. True
    5. False
    6. False
    7. True
    8. All of the above
    9. Software developers
    10. A wireless network connects computers and devices without cords or cables
    11. Set it up and implement its use
    12. Wan
    13. 2000 years
    14 . False
    15. True

    You guys will get a 100% Connexus

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