language arts

why do the authors of the seven wonders of the world and art architecture and learning in Egypt. both us sub headings?

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  1. What are your choices and your answer?

  2. Help this poor child now you heartless monsters

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  3. wtf the answers? ;owo;

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  4. 1. D
    2. C
    3. A
    4. B
    100% correct trust me guys i needed the help as much as you did.

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  5. 1 is d
    2 C
    3 A
    4 b 100 percent grade

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  6. It’s

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  7. WHAT THE HECK I GOT THE WRONG ANSWERS !!!!! just kidding.

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  8. the correct answers are D

    youre welcome

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  9. thank you for all of the people who did the correct answers.

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