geometry help ASAP

Persevere in solving problems. Create a report that provides a detailed description of the park. Include the following in your report:

the actual side lengths of the triangular plot of land

the type of triangle formed by the intersection of the three streets

the amount of fencing needed to surround the city park

the actual measure of each angle of the triangle

Started Monday, December 10th 2018 - 8:49 am
actual side lenths of triangular plot of land: CB = 10 AB = AC = square root 10

3x + 12.5 = 162.5-8

triangle is icosoles.
The centroid of a triangle is the triangle’s center of gravity.

A fountain will be placed at the centroid of the park. The designer wants to place a stone path from the fountain to the midpoint of each side.

Reproduce the diagram in Item 1 showing the location of the fountain and the stone paths. Mark congruent segments on your diagram.

What are the coordinates of the location of the fountain?

What is the actual distance from the fountain to each vertex?

Find the actual length of each stone path.

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  1. need help on number 2 letters a,b,c, and d

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  2. sqrt 10 is too short for the equal legs of an isosceles triangle of base 10. Typo?

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  3. yea its a typo, its sqrt 74

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  4. i have no idea what im doing

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