I don't really understand this question and, I know you said to other people go look at the other exact same question but they don't really help and I don't want to get a B in ELA. I don't want the answer, I just need help on the question like giving me some facts about the story relating to the question. """"I REPEAT"""" I DONT WANT THE ANSWER JUST SOME FACTS. Thanks for understanding and I will respond back with a paragraph when I get some facts. Here is the question:

Both Ernesto from barrio boy and the boy in "A Day's Wait" interact with adults. Ernesto interacts with Miss Ryan, while the sick boy interacts with his father. In a paragraph, compare and contrast how the boys interact with the adults. Focus on how the boys think of the adults, how the adults react to the boys, and how the boys respond to them.

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  1. Have you read these two stories?

  2. Ms.Sue I have, and I don't know and understand what the question is asking me.

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  3. I don't know how to make this any clearer: "In a paragraph, compare and contrast how the boys interact with the adults. Focus on how the boys think of the adults, how the adults react to the boys, and how the boys respond to them."

    Study this site for ideas about how to write a compare/contrast paper.

  4. Thanks so much you helped me so much


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  5. I came across a useful guide to help you write any type of essay :

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