Charles and Stacy work at a shoe store. They are both paid $9 per hour. This week Charles made an extra $32 in overtime. Which expressions represent the weekly wages for Charles and Stacy. c = the number of hours that Charles worked for the week s = the number of hours that Stacy worked for the week. (3 pts) *
a) 9c + 9s + 32
b) (9c + 32) + 9s
c) 9(c + s + 32)
d) 9(c + s) +32
e) (9c + 32) * 9s
f) 9(c + 28) + 9s

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  1. Charles' wages = 9c + 32
    Stacey's wages = 9s

    Total of their wages = 9c + 32 + 9s <----- choice a)
    = 9(c+s) + 32 <---- choice d)

    So you have 2 correct choices.
    Often incorrect choices can be traced to making some error
    in order of operation, misunderstanding the problem, ....
    I wonder where the 28 in the last choice could possible be
    arrived at.

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