Slavery in the nineteen century was both embraced and abhorred by Americans.analyze how supporters of Slavery in the nineteenth century used political,moral,and economic arguments to defend the peculiar institution between 1820-1865.

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  3. Slavery was a highly controversial subject in the 19th century; Some people were proslavery while others were antislavery. Over half of the united states believed that slavery was unjust, but the Southern states believed slaves were necessary for a successful economy. Southern plantation owners argued consitently that it was morally, politically, and economically constitutional to have slaves. Luckily, the underground railroad which rooted from members of the abolitionist movement helped slaves escape to freedom.
    Slaves had a cabin to sleep in and food to eat but were shut out from the world; This was as many plantation owners argued to prove slavery is ethically okay. Many southerners believed they were doing the African Americans a favor. They had not thought of them as humans, as they could not make it in the outside world. Slavery has been going on for centuries, such as the slaves in Rome. On the other hand people abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison promoted freedom for all slaves in his writing of the "liberator".
    Southerners felt giving up slavery meant giving up their wealth. Slaves are these reason for a mass production of cotton, which was the number one industry of the united states. If slavery was outlawed the united state's income would decrease dramatically. The orth believed African Americans are equal, which means they should be paid for their labor. The southerners had a stronger economic argument saying many Americans would lose their jobs. Would have America fallen into a great depression if slavery was banned? If slaves were paid for cotton labor, maybe they would be motivated to do more. It could have increased America's trade and also saved many of these slave's lives.
    An African American was a Caucasian man's property, not a human being. For instance, the 3/5 compromise states that each African American man only counts for 3/5 of a person. Southerners didn't want to give up their "property" and liked how it increased the state's population. This helped get more people in the house for a state. People in the north felt blacks were human too and deserved to be free. If they were free, they could count as a whole person. This would increase a state's representation more than having slaves counted as 3/5 of a person. Therefore political, slavery is not reasonable.
    Slavery pushed major sectionalism between the south and north during the 19th century. They argued over whether slavery was moral, politically, and economically wrong or right. Southerners felt African Americans were meant to be below whites and were not human, but a white man's property. A southern white man's greed and racism led them to think that slavery was inevitable.

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