Social studies

The achievements of the Shang dynasty include development of pictographs and the______.
Establishment of the silk road***
ending of legalism
introduction of metal coins
development of bronze metalworking
please help thanks

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  1. i chose the introduction of metal coins my bad lol

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  2. That is right.

    "The Shang Dynasty's accomplishments and characteristics include bronze work, military technology, including horse-drawn chariots, writing, a calendar, and religion, which featured ancestor worship and oracle bones. The Shang Dynasty was overthrown by King Wen of the Zhou Dynasty about 1100 BC.Jan 22, 2015"
    Ancient China: Shang & Zhou Dynasties - Video & Lesson Transcript ...

  3. Thank you so much Ms.Sue! :)

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  4. You're very welcome.

  5. I am sorry to say but you are incorrect. The answer is, " The achievements of the Shang dynasty include development of pictographs and the development of bronze metalworking." This is the correct answer.

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  6. your a year to late miss night hahah

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  7. The answers changed but as of the time I'm posting this, @Miss Night is correct

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