You have recently been hired as the news director for a local news station. It’s time to prep for your first newscast. Your newscast will have five blocks and will be 60 minutes long. You need to cover the following in your newscast:

Scores from last night’s high school football games
A big storm that is approaching
The daily and weekly weather forecast
Information on a 15-car pileup on the main freeway in town
Your 10 on the 10, a brief overview of the 10 most important local stories at 10 past the hour
Viewer submitted photos
A reminder about an expose on local water sources coming the next day
You must also include at least three teasers and a transition from block to block. And don’t forget about the four commercial breaks. They’re three minutes long each!

Write out a plan for your first newscast, including both what is contained in each block and how long each block will last. Identify where your teasers, transitions, and commercials will go. Remember, some blocks can be shorter than others, if necessary. Type up this plan in one sitting. It should be at least three pages long.
Can anyone give me an example of what to do?

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  1. Your text should explain and probably has a model.

  2. Thanks Ms.Sue :)

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  3. You're welcome, Joey.

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