Assume the mean height of the soldiers to be 68.22 inches with the variance of 10.8inches square. How many soldiers in the regiment of 1000 would you expect to be-(1.) Over 6 fee tall (2) below 5.5 feet? Assume height to be normally distributed. Given; Pr(0
<z<1.15) =0.3749, Pr(0<z<0.6756) =0.2501

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  1. standard deviation is √ variance

    (1.) above the mean
    ... >72" ... Pr(0<z<1.15) = 0.3749 ... 0.5000 - 0.3749 = 0.1251
    ... 0.1251 * 1000 = 125 soldiers

    (2) below the mean
    ... < 66" ... Pr(0<z<0.6756) = 0.2501 ... 0.2501 * 1000 = 250 soldiers

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