Above is a 2nd graph

Part 1

Present these results by creating a line graph.

Part 2


1)What is relationship between the biotic And abiotic factors?

2) how did the construction of a parking lot, hiking trail, and playground affect the fish population in the pond?

3) what can happen to an animal species if it cannot adapt to changes taking place in its habitat?

Part 3

1. How would the ecosystem carrying capacity for species change if cannot adapt to changes in it’s habitat.

2. Why are biologist concerned about because system disruption?

3. If you were conducting this experiment in real life might be some possible sources of error in theExperiment?

If your goin to right the answer. Write like this

Ex: Part 2, question 1 is.....

If u can answer all the questions, thank you so much.

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  1. Directions to the City of Springfield has built a public park around beautiful Cypress Pond. The city has hired you as its lead environmental scientist. Your job is to monitor the impact the new park has on the. Biodiversity of cypress pond. You will need to use information taught in this unit to successfully complete this worksheet.

    1. Explain the process of succession to.

    2Describe how changes in an ecosystem can affect the organisms that live there.

    3. Describe the amount of time needed for complete ecosystem recovery.

    Cypress Pond Park planning City officials planned at the placement of the playground hiking trail and parking lot around the Pont in response to concerns that polluted water would run off of the parking lot and into the pond when it rains they decided to place the parking area as far from the pond as possible the most playground was Bill on the other side of the pond and a new hiking trail ones all the way around the part many trees were removed to make room for the parking lot playground and hiking trail

    your job as an environmental scientist is to study the impact of the park has on the pond ecosystem the pond contains trout and catfish catfish are very tolerant of pollution but trout are much more sensitive and die off easily when exposed to excessive pollution it's before the land and pond were distributed by the construction of the playground hiking trail and parking lot you counted the number of fish in the pond at the time Cypress Pond contain 100 trout and 100 catfish now you need to design an experiment to monitor the parks impact on the populations of trout and catfish over the next 12 months

    1. What is the purpose of your experiment to. Develop a hypothesis for the experiment?

    2. Develop a hypothesis for that experience.

    3. What are the dependent and independent, variables of your experiment?

    Monitoring The biodiversity of Cypress Pond produce.

    In this section you’ll create step-by-step produce for testing and monitoring the number of trout and catfish in Cypress Pond. You must monitor them once per month for 12 months after the Park is built.


    Data from Monitoring The bio diversity of Cypress Pond.
    Listed below or results of your hard work. You monitored the population of trout and catfish in Cypress Pond every month or year after the park was developed. For each month add the amount of both types of fish together. Write the total in the total number of fish column. Present these results by creating a line graph.

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  2. You should NOT be asking other students to give you answers. I know you are from Connexus Academy. Go back to your lessons and LEARN the answers. This website is not for cheating.

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  3. Don't say that.

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