Omar begins training for a 5km race by running 0.75km on the first day, 0.85 the second day and 0.95 third day. If he keeps increasing his distance each day according to the pace of his first three days on what day in his training program will Omar first run at least 5km?

Please show set up of the problem so I understand how to solve... thank you

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  1. at an extra 0.1 km/day, on day n he runs 0.65+01n
    so, what does n have to be such that
    0.65 + 0.1n >= 5.0 ?

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  2. So it would actually be 0.75+0.1n>=5.0, since he starts at 0.75

    I found this essay on the SSAT practice, and will assume you did as well, and the correct answer choice would be 43 days.

    0.75+4.3.=0.5 b/c 0.75+4.3=5.05

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