What was a result of thousands of slaves fleeing to meet up with Union troops?

Slave owners acted more harshly towards their slaves.
Bounty hunters fled to the North seeking large rewards.
Many in the North began seeing the war as a call for freedom.
President Lincoln declared that all slaves must be returned to their owners.


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  1. Is that what your text says????

  2. im trying my beST to take in all of this information at once but no i suppose not. My text didnt say anything about large rewards, Abraham Lincoln was anti-slavery so is it C?

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    posted by Michael
  3. You're not making any sense. Yes Lincoln was anti-slavery -- but he certainly would not return slaves to their owners.

    I've checked two of your guesses. Now you're on your own. Please do not post this question again.

  4. that is why i said C, because Lincoln returning slaves to their owners is D. but okay thank you for your help

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    posted by Michael
  5. I'm sorry. I didn't read very carefully.

    Yes C.

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