In 1960, the world record for the men's mile was 3.91 minutes. In 1980, the record time was 3.81 minutes.

a. Write a linear model that represents the world record (in minutes) for the men's mile as a function of the number of years, t, since 1960.

y= ()

b. Use the model to estimate the record time in 2000 and predict the record time in 2020.

() minutes

() minutes

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  1. in 20 years, the time decreased by 0.1 minutes.
    So, the slope of the line is -0.1/20 = -0.005
    So, since y(0) = 3.91,
    y = 3.91 - 0.005x

    Now use that for part (b)

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  2. y=-0.005t+3.91

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  3. that does not work in big ideas math algebra

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  4. answers 2
    Calculating Percent Change and Final Amounts?

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