A relative density bottle of mass 25g has a capacity of 50cubic centimetre .The bottle is completely filled with methylated spirit, and its mass is 65g.The bottle is emptied and some salt is then put into the empty bottle and then weighed,the mass now is 50g.Methylated spirit is now added until the bottle is completely filled and the total mass now becomes 80g .From the data given ,calculate the density of the salt.

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  1. the density of the spirit is ... 65 g / 50 cm^3

    the mass of the salt is ... 50 g - 25 g = 25 g

    mass of the added spirit ... 80 g - 50 g = 30 g
    ... volume of added spirit = mass / density

    volume of salt = bottle volume - spirit volume

    density of salt = mass of salt / volume of salt

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