Review the event.

The presidential election of 1860

Explain how this event contributed to the causation of the Civil War? (Select all that apply.)

The freedom of all African American slaves in Confederate states was assured, which led to an official declaration of war.

The citizenship rights of African Americans were guaranteed with the election of Lincoln, which caused Southern states to revolt.

The Northern-Southern split in the Democratic Party facilitated the election of Lincoln, which incensed both factions within the party.

The election of Abraham Lincoln, who was opposed to expansion of slavery in territories, led to the secession of seven Southern states.

I think it is A & C

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  1. this is literally my last question please help

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  2. I do not think Lincoln assured slave freedom until the Emancipation Proclamation and that applied only to the Confederate states. Not B

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  3. Or A

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  4. I agree with Damon

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  5. c and d i believe

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