algebra readiness benchmark #2 mrs. makowsky.

1.) The area of a rectangle is 7.7682 x 10(4) cm(2) and the width is 2.42 x 10(2) cm. What is the length?

a. 3.21 x 10(2)

b. 3.21 x 10(6)

c. 1.88 x 10(8)

d. 1.88 x 10(6)

Plz help asap cause I have no clue.
I also need help w the other 35 questions if you know them lol

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asked by Plz help!
  1. Online "^" is used to indicate an exponent, e.g., x^2 = x squared.
    Online, ā€œ*ā€ is used to indicate multiplication to avoid confusion with ā€œxā€ as an unknown.

    Area = length * width

    7.7682*10^4 = Length * 2.42*10^2

    (7.7682*10^4)/(2.42*10^2) = Length

    When multiplying/dividing, add/subtract exponents respectively.

    Solve for length.

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    posted by PsyDAG
  2. so is the answer a. then?

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    posted by helping :)
  3. Without doing all of the division, definitely it is 10^2.

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    posted by PsyDAG
  4. The correct answer is 3.21 x 10^2. I just finished the test

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