please help me check!!

James rents a car for x days. the rate is 19.95 per day, which includes 20 miles of driving and .40 per mile for each additional mile. If James drives 30 miles per day for the duration of this period, which of the following represents the most of rental as a function of x?

f(x)= 19.95x + 4

David and Peter are starting a law mowing service. They must buy a lawn mower for $250 and plan to charge $15 per lawn. what inequality represents the number of lawns l they need to mow to earn at least $800 over the cost of the lawn mower?
l is less than or equal to 54

What is the value of a if (x+2y) squared + (x-y)squared = 2ax + 5y^2

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  1. f(x)= 19.95x + 4
    I disagree He drove ten extra miles EVERY DAY
    19.95 x + (30 -20)(0.40)x

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  2. Less than no way, must mow at least, equal to or more than
    15 L >/= 250 + 800
    L>/= 70

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  3. x^2 + 4 xy^2 +4y^2 +x^2 -2xy+y^2 = 2ax +5 y^2 x + y ?? maybe typos makes no sense

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  4. (x+2y)^2+(x-y)^2 = x^2 + 4xy +4y^2 +x^2 -2xy+y^2 = 2x^2 + 2xy + 5y^2

    if you equate that to some other polynomial, then all the coefficients must match

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