What was most likely an effect of the Battle of the Alamo on settlers after Santa Anna defeated the Texian army?

Settlers wanted to surrender to the Mexican army.
Settlers were determined to fight for those who were lost.
Settlers were fearful of continuing in the war.
Settlers wanted to flee from Mexico.

I know it isn't A because Mexico surrendered, I don't think it's c or d. B?

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asked by Michael
  1. I just know this fact! "Due to the cruelty of President General Antonio Lรณpez de Santa Anna settlers in Texas were inspired to join the Texian Army which all of them have the desired to revenge but unfortunately, they were defeated by the Mexican Army which leads them to fled eastward toward the United States ahead of the advancing Mexican Army."

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    posted by Izzy
  2. I don't really know will that help or not!

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    posted by Izzy

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