Which best describes the type of religious worship practiced in the Sumerian Empire and its impact on civilization?

A. Sumerians followed Muhammad and spread the gospel of Islam throughout Mesopotamia.
B. Sumerians were the first group to follow Moses and spread the gospel of Judaism throughout Egypt.
C. Sumerians were animistic, and they worshiped animals including llamas, alpacas, and armadillos.
D. Sumerians were polytheistic, and most households kept shrines dedicated to certain gods or goddesses.
I think it's D...

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  1. D is right.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. I need help... If anyone can please assist me.

    Which of the following contributed to the increased economic and military power of the Sumerians?

    A. a standing army of many trained soldiers
    B. the formation of alliances with other city-states <<<<<<<<<<
    C. a series of highly strategic army leaders
    D. the development of bronze to make weapons

    Cause: Effect:

    ( Fill in the Blank ) increased economic and military power.

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  3. Hey Natt, you probably don't need this but the the answer is D bro.

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