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Social Studies!
How did the introduction of horses affect Native American culture?

Farming improved because Native Americans had horses to help plow the fields.

Native Americans in some culture areas began to use horses for hunting and in warfare.

The use of horses as transportation increased trade between different culture groups.

Some Native American groups became wealthy selling horses to European colonists.

I think it's C, Please check over it!

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asked by Hello_Connections
today at 1:19pm

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Ms. Sue
  1. Hello_Connections the answer is B! C is true but B is the answer! I apologize about your other post about this question. those people are s!

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  2. They were s. I helped her, But, they just kept getting in the way.

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  3. @Thea what are the answers for the Global Convergence Unit Test 7th grade. I need help.

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  4. Yey I like bootleg brainly but this time people usually just give u the wrong answer :D

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  5. The correct answer is B, B is the main idea for this question.

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