There are 30 students in a students in a class. 20 of them play football, 16 play hockey and16 play volleyball.9 play all the three games, 15 play football and volleyball, 11 play football and hockey,while 10 play hockey and volleyball. illustrate the information on a venn diagram

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  1. there are lots of sample 3-variable Venn diagrams online. google is your friend. Any one of them should be helpful in diagramming your data, since all the numbers have their own spots.

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  2. Draw your 3 intersecting circles and label them
    Start at the centre, the intersection of all three, and put 9 into that part.
    Look at the football-volleyball intersection, it says that is 15. But you already filled in 9 in that section, so put 6 in the still open part.
    Proceed like this for the other two double intersections.
    Now look at each of the large circles, part of each one is already filled in.
    e.g. the hockey circle is to contain 16, but you already have a total of 2+9+1 or 12 in the hockey circle, that leaves 6 to go into the open section of Hockey.

    I think a good question here might be:
    How many in the class do not play any of the 3 sports?

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  3. Was the answer

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