Complete the sentence with the correct form of the definite article**. Not all sentences require an article.If no article is required then write "None needed"

1. Tengo __ libro y __ pluma.
2. __ leche es buena para__salud.
3. ¿Por qué están ausentes__profesor Gómez y __ profesora Lopez?
4. ¿Qué lengua hablan en __ México?
5. Buenas noches, señora Rodriguez.

**Okay, first off, what is the definite article of the sentences? I seriously despise Spanish. I've spoken English all my life. Been doing a Spanish class since 6th grade (now in 10th) and the only phrase I can fluently say is "Mi llamo Rose y yo un mucha loco. Yo no hablo espanol. Yo hablo ingles. "

Can someone help me please?!

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  1. The definite articles are
    El(singular masculine)
    Los(plural masculine)
    La(singular feminine)
    Las(plural feminine)

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  2. So for example the first one is el libro y la pluma. One is masculine , one is feminine and they are both singular. Must words that end in "o' are masculine while words that end in "a" are feminine with some exceptions. Then you just add the "s" to la or change el to los if the object is plural. Try the rest and I will check them for you.

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