There are two containers of milk. There is twice as much milk in the first container as in the second. After using 2 gal. of milk from the second container and 3 gal. of milk from the first container, the second container had 4.5 times less milk than the first. How many gallons of milk were in both containers originally?

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  1. 1st. container has 2x gal..
    2nd container has X gal.

    2x - 3 = x-2 + 4.5(x-2).
    2x - 3 = 5.5x - 11,
    -3.5x = -8,
    X = 2.90 gal.
    2x = 6.80 gal.

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  2. Correction: X = 2.29 gal.
    2x = 4.58 gal.

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  3. Ist container =2x
    IInd container =x

    2x-3 = (x-2)/4.5

    Ist container = 4.8
    2nd container 2.4

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