hi i just need to know if my answer is good? Thanks!

What is the difference between an irrational number and an integer?

In your explanation, be sure to include various Key Words you learned in this unit.
my answer:
an irrational number can't be converted to a fraction of any sort whereas a rational number can

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asked by reb
  1. You haven't explained what an integer is.

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  2. thank you, I misread the question as "What's the difference between an irrational number and a rational number"

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    posted by reb
  3. is this better? an irrational number can't be converted to a fraction of any sort whereas an integer is a rational number with a denominator of 1

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    posted by reb
  4. Good

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  5. thank you, Ms.Sue!

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    posted by reb
  6. You're welcome.

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