The activity series is :


Am I right ?

During a thunderstorm, you see lightning before you hear thunder because,
a-.the thunder occurs after the lightning
b-.the thunder is farther away than the lightning
c-.sound travels faster than light
d-.light travels faster than sound

According to my text (Whitten, Davis, and Peck, General Chemistry, 5th edition), calcium is before sodium, so the order is K, Ca, Na, etc. The others are in correct order.

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Light travels about 186,000 miles/second. Sound travels about 1100 feet/second. So the light gets to your eye much faster than the sound gets to your ear. Did you know you could count, by seconds, from the time you see the light to the time your hear the sound, and estimate how far away the thunder was. Five seconds = about 1 mile.

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asked by Fahad
  1. The speed of sound is about 340m/sec? If there is a 3 second difference between seeing a bolt of lightning and hearing the crash of the thunder, how far away did the lightning strike take place?

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    posted by Hope

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