A student measures a rectangular room to be 20.0 m × 17.16 m. Which of the numbers below represents the room’s area with the correct number of significant features.

340 m2
343 m2
343.2 m2***
343.20 m2

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  1. the product will have the same number of sig fig as the factor with the LEAST number of sig fig

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  2. a. How could the scenario have been prevented?

    b. How should the student respond in the scenario to minimize the harm?

    During an experiment, Carin carefully pours solution A from a test tube into a beaker. Krystal sneaks up behind Carin to wish her a happy birthday. Carin accidentally drops the beaker on the floor, shattering it on her uncovered toes. GIVE A SUMMERY/ESSAY (3-4 sent.)

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