Social Studies 6th

I have 2 questions that I have no idea what it is, they are

What are the important geographic features of the Indian subcontinent? What is the climate like?


How did Emperor Asoka's achievements reflect the ideals of Buddhism?

They are typing questions so I couldn't guess, I'm in connexus and I really need help so I can get a good grade!

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asked by Kate H

  2. 1. C.
    2. Reading their writing, kind of gov, reasons for disappearing
    3. C-
    4. D. He controlled every village in his empire through bureaucracy.
    5. Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Sudras, Dalits
    6. ascetics=life of suffering, Hindu prince=pleasures, Bodhi Tree=enlightenment
    7. Vedas, herders, farmers
    8. B.
    9. citizen
    10. B.
    11. B.
    12. store surplus crops
    13. D.
    14. B.
    15. D.
    16. a short story with a moral at the end
    17. D.

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  3. Stanley is RIGHT!!!

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  4. read my name

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  5. Stanley is right, Thanks!

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