Social Studies

I have to do a project and I can't get motivated to start!! I want a good grade, but I don't know how to convince myself to get started!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

Sometimes motivation just doesn't come. You can't wait until you feel like doing it. I urge you to start your project immediately after you read this post. Do something to get started! Just tell your tell your self that you WILL spend at least an hour of concentrated time on the project this evening. At the end of that hour, assess what you've accomplished and plan for your next steps in the project.

thnks!!! I'll try that.....I really hope it works!!!!

Good luck! :-)

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Right on! First you select a topic, then you do the research. Organization is the key to success. When you write your project (if that is what you are to do) be sure you can at least leave it for 24 hours to critique and proofread it!

As with anything written or oral, carefully word your thesis statement and follow the rules of standard English.

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asked by Kelly

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